About Acne

Most of us have faced pimples or acne breakouts at some point in our lives. According to a study, acne is the most common skin problem and affects around 200-300 million people between the ages of 12 and 25 years in India. In recent years, even older people have started experiencing breakouts due to stress and lifestyle.

The first step towards knowing about acne starts with understanding our skin. To keep our skin healthy and supple, our skin’s sebaceous or oil-producing glands produce sebum. Acne breakouts happen when oil and dead skin cells clog up our skin’s pores, helping the bacteria to multiply and leading into acne breakouts. As the bacterium multiplies, our immune system reacts to it in the form of pus, redness, itchiness, or pain. The most common acne-prone area is your face. However, some people may experience this in other body areas like the chest, arms, neck, and back. To know how to prevent acne breakouts, visit our Skin And Hair Library.


Acne Treatment Solutions for Clear and Radiant Skin

Our Approach to Acne Treatment

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