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Shailee Mehta LHR Patient

Dr. Shailee banker is the best Amazing job in hair removal. She’s an amazing doctor .also all ears to my complaints .highly recommend her

Pooja Gondaliya LHR Patient

I have been taking LHR & Q-switch treatment at BSSC & I have got good results for both of the treatments. They provide best service & comfort to the patient.The staff & doctor are really nice & polite. I would definitely recommend it.

Naman Shah Skin Treatment Patient

I cannot express how much I loved my experience ! From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. I was blown away by the state-of-the-art facility and the cutting-edge technology used by Dr. Shailee and her team. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and it shows in the incredible results they achieve. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Shailee was patient, kind, and understanding, and she went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and happy with the treatment plan. The staff was always available to answer any questions I had, and they made me feel like a valued member of the family. I am so grateful for the amazing care I received at Banker Skin & Smile Clinic , and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best orthodontic care around!

Pinky Vadke Skin Treatment Patient

Best Skin Rejuvenation treatment. Specially Dr. Shailee she understand my skin problems and gave me treatment accordingly. It took few sessions to get good results. She has Best & latest Laser technology which quite helped me for my desired results. Here the Ambiance is also very positive. Staff is very friendly and caring. I am really happy my skin feels so better then ever. Do visit the clinic you will be extremely satisfied with the results.

Dhavalkumar Surti Dental Patient

I had tough dental condition and multiple problems. With Expert Doctor, Dr. Mauli Shah's diagnosis and advance treatment plan, there is lot of Improvement and I feel much Better. The continued guidance and support from doctors is really helping. The clinic is well designed, very good Ambience and Very Supportive Staff makes your treatment easy.

Komal Modi Skin Treatment Patient

She is one of the best dermatologist i have ever met. Staff is also nice. I am really satisfied with my treatment and i recommend to others too!

Parth Jogani Dental Patient

It’s very good procedure and i got perfect results also I didn’t get any pain. Specially thanks to Bhakti Ma’am and sharly Ma’am also thanks to Dr.shailee banker

Isha Parikh Skin Treatment Patient

Hi recently visited BSSC for bridal facial and Bhakti (BSSC therapist) offer a great service. The effects are crystal clear visible and she made sure I am comfortable throughtout the process.




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